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"We have used Templeton Plumbing for many years to work on a variety of projects from bathroom remodels, to plumbing and heating upgrades, to emergency repairs. Not only could we count on John to respond quickly, we always knew the job would be done right the first time. We have used Templeton Plumbing at several properties and have referred them to several friends as well without hesitation."
Bill, Harvard, MA

"I own a rental property in Groton, MA. Being hundreds of miles away, you need to rely on professionals you can trust.  I trust John and Templeton Plumbing.  I found John to be very, very responsive. Moreover, when he comes to a job, if it's not an area of expertise of his, he refers you to people who can be of assistance instead of needlessly wasting your time and money trying to do it himself. I appreciate that kind of honesty in service folks, especially given the distance I am from the property.  I would highly recommend John and Templeton Plumbing to anyone in need of a good, honest plumber."
Scott. K., Washington, DC

"My wife and I just recently had the pleasure of working with John to put in our first gas fireplace insert into our home in Arlington. His knowledge that he brought to the table as well as his confidence in making sure that he not only got the job done but to your standards spoke to his professionalism. And overall work ethic in general. We really appreciated his expertise and will be recommending him to friends and family."
Michael M., Acton, MA

"I recently had a gas insert installed in my fireplace and used Templeton Plumbing for this process and was highly impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of John Templeton! John was incredibly patient in answering all the questions my husband and I posed to him and completed the job on-time and incredibly efficiently. He made sure my hardwood floors were protected during the installation, and cleaned everything up spotlessly. After the insert was installed, John took the time to show me how everything worked and, again, was very patient in answering all questions. My husband and I were incredibly pleased with Templeton Plumbing and highly recommend this company!"
Elaine H., Chelmsford, MA

"Templeton Plumbing came to our rescue when we had a leak under our sink, John fixed the leak, saved me a lot of money and was very professional. I would recommend him for any plumbing needs."
Justin G.,  Lunenburg MA

"We installed a new kitchen with a refrigerator with a water hook up, John did all of our plumging work for the kitchen, what a great job. If you are having a remodel in your kitchen or bathroom John is your guy."
Bob B.,   Shirley MA 

"Templeton Plumbing is my only choice for my plumbing project - large or small. I have been using their services for 7 years. John is professional, arrives promptly and I am always confident he will give me a fair price. I feel at ease with him in my house and can always rely on him with urgent needs."
Bill W., Groton, MA

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