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Experience superior plumbing and heating solutions with Templeton Plumbing & Heating! We are here to address all your residential needs, from repairs and servicing to gas piping and fireplace insert installations. Transform your bathroom and kitchen spaces with our top-notch plumbing services and upgrade fixtures for a modern touch. Say goodbye to shower valve troubles, leaky hose bibbs, and annoying leaks. Trust Templeton Plumbing & Heating for fast, reliable, and affordable home comfort solutions!

Comprehensive Services 

Plumbing and Heating Repairs: Templeton Plumbing & Heating ensures your home stays cozy and functional with our professional repair services. We will diagnose and resolve issues in your plumbing and heating systems, ensuring long-lasting comfort for homeowners.

Plumbing and Heating Service: Keep your home systems running smoothly with Templeton Plumbing & Heating's comprehensive maintenance services. We offer routine check-ups and preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency for homeowners.

Gas Piping: Trust Templeton Plumbing & Heating for safe and reliable gas piping solutions. We will expertly install gas lines, ensuring homeowners enjoy uninterrupted access to clean and efficient energy.

Gas Fireplace Inserts: Enhance your home's ambiance and warmth with Templeton Plumbing & Heating's gas fireplace insert installations. We not only install beautiful fireplace inserts, but also provide routine maintenance and repairs, ensuring cozy, worry-free experiences for homeowners.  Templeton Plumbing & Heating has been a preferred installer for Chelmsford Fireplace Center for close to two decades. 

Plumbing for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels: Transform your home with Templeton Plumbing & Heating's top-tier bathroom and kitchen plumbing services. We will execute your vision perfectly. 

Fixture Replacements and Upgrades: Upgrade your home's fixtures with Templeton Plumbing & Heating's wide range of stylish and efficient options. We assist homeowners in selecting and installing the perfect fixtures to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their living spaces.

Shower Valves: Eliminate shower valve issues with Templeton Plumbing & Heating's expert repair and replacement services. We ensure homeowners enjoy a hassle-free shower experience by providing timely and effective solutions.

Hose Bibbs: Keep your outdoor water supply secure and leak-free with Templeton Plumbing & Heating's hose bibb services. We install, maintain, and repair hose bibbs, ensuring homeowners have easy access to outdoor water without the worry of leaks or malfunctions.

Leaks: Templeton Plumbing & Heating is your trusted partner for leak detection and repair. We swiftly identify and fix leaks in your home, protecting your property from water damage and ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. Templeton Plumbing & Heating is your trusted partner for leak detection and repair.

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