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Plumbing Services
Is something leaking, dripping or not draining? Is it time to upgrade some plumbing fixtures, replace a tub and shower valve, faucet, sink or toilet? How about your hose spigots, are they working?  Let us have a look at all your plumbing problems.

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Heating Services
If any part of your heating system breaks down, is leaking or just needs to be serviced we can help you.  We deal with most all makes and models of residential gas fired forced hot water and steam heating systems.

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Natural Gas Work


Gas Services

Let us take care of any gas piping you may need.  New gas grill lines, stoves, dryers, generators, gas fireplaces, you name it.  If it needs natural gas to operate let us pipe it in so it is safe and done right. We have been gas piping for years, a lot of experience goes far towards a safe gas appliance installation.

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Gas Fireplace Services

A Gas Fireplace or fireplace insert is a valuable addition to any home.  They are upwards of 80% efficient (a wood burning fireplace is less than 20% efficient).  Gas Fireplaces or inserts are commonly used to heat cold basements, great rooms or to turn a 3 season room into a warm and cozy year round living space.  Gas fireplaces, inserts and free standing stoves have come a long way in the past 10 years.  They heat quickly and add ambiance.  You can operate them from a thermostat or remote control, as a separate heat zone.  Furthermore, they will operate without electricity (your boiler or furnace won’t).   So even if you lose power you won’t lose heat.   If you are interested have a look at Chelmsford Fireplace Center.  They are a non commission; family owned and operated Fireplace shop.  With over 60 models to choose from, in business since 1978, with a knowledgeable and helpful staff they are the only place I would recommend buying from.  Once you decide what you want let us take care of all the installation details.  Having put in thousands (yes thousands) of them it is indeed a specialty of ours.

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Templeton Plumbing's Other Services
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